Saturday, November 27, 2010

Candy Shop

Whatever happened to dressing respectfully and leaving something to the imagination? 

I’m a mom of four.  My children are 15, 14, 6, and 3.  So, I have the pleasure of raising two teenagers right now, one which is a girl.  As parents of  teenagers know, we the parents, know nothing. We just set rules to set them and say “you are not leaving the house with that on” just to hear ourselves say it and to make our kids miserable. At least this is how my kids view it. 

I’m shocked when my oldest son has friends over and the girls come over half dressed.  I have two little boys who love to look at girls already and especially like for one of them to pick them up because then they get an up close and personal view of what’s in the “candy shop” as I like to call it.  It’s always so nice to hear your 3 year old come to you and say, “Mama, I just saw some boobies!” So, I go to the girl and strongly suggest that she may want to go get her jacket or sweatshirt,  so she doesn’t get cold.  When she doesn’t get the hint, I  bring her one of mine and have her put it on. I’m thinking to myself, “ok, one candy shop closed, 20 more to go”.  I will not stop until they are all closed! My son is horrified, but maybe one day he will thank me for teaching him there are more to girls than what’s in their candy shop.

I’m not saying I think girls shouldn’t dress stylish because I have a girl and I want her to look cute and wear stylish things but do it in a classy way. I know how hard it is to find shorts that aren’t "Daisy Duke Specials" and how hard it is to find a “V” neck shirt where the “V” comes higher than your belly button.  I just teach my daughter to show a little leg and cover the boobage area or show a little cleavage and cover your legs.  “Keep the treasures in the treasure box” is what I try to teach to my daughter.

In my quest to try and cover up the next scantily clad girl who walks through my door, I have decided to visit consignment shops and pick up hoodies and sweatshirts to have on hand.  I like to think of it as party favors the girls get to leave with when they come over to hang with my son and his friends.  I may not can cover all the “candy shops”, but at least I have the satisfaction of controlling the “sweets” in my house.

Until the next rant,