Friday, February 11, 2011


So about a week ago, Tara called me in a state of panic and she said, "Niki, grab your hat with the light connected on it and an additional flashlight.  I need some serious help. Please come now."  I was like ok, let me grab Dylan, my hat, Cole's hat that has an attached light also, and my flashlight and I will be right there.

 I'm like in a state of panic hoping nothing is wrong with Connor or Daniel and then I thought well, Connor is at school and Daniel is working so maybe it's just something with her and then I really panic.  I can't have anything happen to my best friend!  I was running all these different scenerios out loud to Dylan and the only advice Dylan could give me was maybe she needs a bath with Sponge Bob Bubbles.  I just laughed and said you might be right.

 One of the great things about mine and Tara's friendship is, we don't ask questions until later.  That's our "policy" so to speak.  We just know we are needed , go and get the answers later.  Luckily we only live 10 minutes apart otherwise I probably would have had a heart attack from worry.

When I get to her house, Dylan and I rush straight through the door.  I already have my hat on with the light going and my flashlight turned on and I have a lighted hat ready to go for her.  I take one look at Tara and I knew something was really not right.  I said, "are you ok? What's wrong? Are you feeling really sick?  Is Connor ok?  Is Daniel ok? She looked at me with what looked liked tears in her eyes and said, "Niki, it's bad.  All of my anti-anxiety medication is all over this kitchen.  I opened the bottle and I don't know if I lost my grip or what, but my pills went everywhere.  They are under the fridge, under my stove, I think in that drawer and some may have went down my sink drain.  I just don't know but we have to find them all and quick because my cats keep walking through here and there might even be some in their food dish. They will be the happy ones walking around instead of me!"  My response was, "oh my, this is an emergency. You have to have those."

So she puts on Cole's hat with the light, I have on my hat with the light, Dylan is playing with Connor's toys in the living room and we have our flash lights on and we are ready to hunt on the kitchen floor on our hands and knees. As I looked at the one pill that was left in the bottle, I realized that these pills were about the size of a few pin heads and I didn't have on my glasses. This wasn't going to be easy.

We begin looking and we aren't seeing anything and then Tara moves and we hear a faint crushing sound.  Tara was like, oh no! Please let that be a food crumb , but unfortunately it was one of her pills, tragically reduced to dust right there on the kitchen floor.  I said well, if you have a straw you can probably suck that one up and that can be your one for today.  Then it won't be a total loss.  Tara agreed but we had no straw and the next thing I know, she is literally licking it off the floor.  I must have looked disgusted but she quickly said, "don't worry, I mopped yesterday."

We proceeded to look for the pills very carefully.  We decided to move the refrigerator which was not an easy task. My back is still hurting.  However, we did find about 6-8 pills and blew them off and carefully placed them back in the bottle.  We get back down on the floor and in walks Daniel and all he could do was just look at us and shake his head with a little laugh and he just left.  So now we decided to move her stove out and I seriously feel like at this point that my back was numb.  I was litterally having to stand hunched over from the pain. Sure enough there were a few under her stove.  We also looked  through the drawer that was open and found quite a few in there.  We continued to hunt all over the kitchen and we found a few more.  We finally decided to give up because Tara was pretty sure by looking in the bottle we had most of them.

 We decided to count the ones recovered and quickly discovered we were still very short.  Tara was in a panic but I asked if it was close to her refill time and she said yes, it has to be.  So we call Wal-Mart to ask for a refill.  Apparently, she still has another couple of weeks until she is allowed to get a refill.  They couldn't believe she was already out of her pills but we tried to explain what happened.  It was apparent they thought we were making this up and I think they possibly thought she was an addict.  After she hung up the phone, I knew what her next words were going to be and I was right.  Tara looked at me and said, "Well, turn your lights back on because we need to keep hunting since I have to wait 2 weeks for a refill." So back on our hands and knees we went!

I Love ya Tara!!

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  1. This is Tara, and Niki you had me rollin'! I can not believe how you took that moment and blogged about it in such a comical way! It seemed so serious at the time. LOL
    Thanks for your help. Those lights are the bomb! I'll have to get you in with the chiropracter! My treat!
    Love u 2!!!