Saturday, January 29, 2011

OK, hope I do not offend any one with my vulgar language and if so..........  here's the warning!  LEAVE NOW!

Today when I woke up my little "feminine friend" made her appearance.  OH NO!  So, I search under every bathroom cabinet and NADA!  OK, looks like i'm going to the store.  I do not have time to drive all the way to I drove to the convience store like 1 minute from my house.  I walk in, i'm looking around, proceed to go down every isle, i see cat food, oil, toiletpaper, windex, everything under the sun except what i need.  The gentelman behind the cashier counter ask, "Mam, may i help you find something?"  So, I reply, "why yes, do you have maxi-pads or tampons?"  YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE SHEER LOOK OF HORROR ON HIS FACE as he immediately got defensive and said "OH NO, mam, we do not carry that item here.  You have to go to other store!"    I give him a look of utter DISGUST and walk out. (He's lucky I didn't tell him, "well then fuckin' order some!..... because due to the circumstances, i was NOT in a good mood)

REALLY PEOPLE!  IT IS 2011!  I couldn't have possibly offended you by asking for a maxi pad! 
NEWS FLASH!!!!!! With out periods..... no babies!! 

I was fuming when I left.  Went a few more miles down the road and got what I needed.  I started thinking on my way home how for people ("aka men") to be "scared" or "offended" by a feminine hygiene product is utterly HILARIOUS.  I really wish I would have stopped by the convience store unwrapped a tampon and threw it in the cashier's face.....  shoulda, would've, could've.... oh well!  That would have been really funny!!

Let me tell you something about ME!  I am going to CELEBRATE my woman hood!  Each month that my little feminine friend comes to visit....  I'm CELEBRATING!  #1- it means i'm not pregnant and #2-i get pampered a little extra by my hubby who understands if I am tired and just want to chill on the couch and not cook etc...
And I do not want to hear one comment from a man until YOU have a VAGINA and something comes out of it once a month!

A little pissed but glad it's out in the open~
Hmmmm.....   1st let me start off by saying I promise Niki will be back next week.  Lots going on, on her end so I'm filling in.

Now what to rant about?????  OMG!  I can't beilieve I'm having to think.  I know Niki's words would be, "think....  you rant all the time on the phone with me..."

Life has been good these past few weeks.  The only thing that comes to mind is jealousy.  Sorry folks, but I am not a jealous person.  Yeh, I might look at someone getting in their big fancy SUV and think I'd love to have that, but as quick as I shut the door to my Ford Taurus, the thought is gone.   (not sure if i'd consider that jealousy or not)

At any rate.....  It is funny to me, that others let jealousy get to them.  Be happy with who YOU are!  Be happy with what YOU have.  What's being jealous going to do?  It's sure as hell not gonna change anything so why waist your time??  If every single person was driving around in a big fancy SUV, with a perfect body, perfect kids, perfect house, perfect husband............ can you imagine how BORING this world would be?

Makes no sense.

Love to all,

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Million and One

AaggggH!!!!  I feel like I have a million and one things to rant about this week!  So, where to start?

Niki, is really good at composing and presenting her rants in such an elequent way.....
Me on the other hand.... your probably just going to get a lot of "bitching"  (sorry, just couldn't think of another word to get my point across)

1) I can not stand it when I'm shopping (and usually I'm on a time schedule) then someone sees someone they know,  hugs and kisses are exchanged and then a LONG important conversation begins.....  I have something to say about this.  I think it is great you've ran into your long lost friend/co-worker from years ago, but MOVE out of my way!  I've got things to buy, things to do, and places to be.  It is like they are oblivious to the world around them.  They forget or just don't care that they are in a supermarket and people are all around them, trying to pass, trying to get the item they are standing in front of....  Please just move with your buggies BEHIND eachother so people around you can pass easily or EXCHANGE numbers and get the hell outta MY WAY!
I've ran into Niki numerous times at Wal-mart and guess what.........  Although we are blonde, we have a system, and a system that works!  We move our buggies, one behind the other, and we usually move to where we are not even in an isle! We can talk for hours and not inconvience ONE PERSON!                 SO THERE!!!!

2) For those who do not know, I work at a dental office.  PEOPLE, please, i beg, PLEASE when you are in the operatory ready to get your filling, rootcanal, crown, cleaning, whatever.........  DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT take off your shoes and then sit in the operatory chair.  Sorry, but that's gross!  Even if your toe nails are polished with cute little designs on them (which most are not...)  Do you realize how nasty the floor is?  Which, on a  side rant, DON'T let your babies and toddlers crawl all around the office.  We clean the floors, but there is no way for us to autoclave (sterilize with a machine) our carpet and hardwoods.  Do you know how much bloodspray has flown around and landed on the floor????  If you've never thought of it, now you know.  It's gross and please don't do it!

Ok, hopefully Niki will be back next week and you guys can have a funny rant to read.  I feel a little stress free....  didn't want to overrant you!

Until next time,

Friday, January 7, 2011


It’s finally that time of the week that I have been waiting for.  My hour of peace and serenity at the nail salon.  Just me and my nail polish color enjoying an hour with no one around me yelling Mama.  I get to sit in the massage/spa chair and close my eyes while it works its magic and I occasionally take a glance at the polish color I chose because it brings a smile to my face as I think about how the color will look.

The manicurist comes to my chair and confirms that I want a deluxe manicure/pedicure and with a gleaming smile I say yes and my hour of “me time” is officially underway.  All of a sudden, I feel a hand tapping my foot to get my attention and I open one eye and she says, “You want pretty design on big toe? I make it very nice for you. You pick what you like.”  I politely decline and say just the manicure/pedicure today and close my eye and attempt to find that place of peace again.  Not 30 seconds later do I hear, “You go out with hubby tonight?  He will like design I do for you.”  I say no we are not and once again decline the offer.  I barely close my eyes and I hear, “You want eyebrow wax?  I do good job for you.”  I try to be polite and decline yet again.  Then she just randomly starts talking about what I’m not sure, but I listen because I don’t want to be rude.  Next thing I know, my pedicure is officially done and it’s time for my manicure.

She slides her chair to the side of the spa chair to begin my manicure and before she even starts I say, “just a deluxe manicure please.”  “Ok. I do for you” is her response.  So I attempt to lay my head back and close my eyes for the last 30 minutes of my “me” time.  Everything is going good, better than the pedicure at this point and then, “You want diamonds on nail right here.”  “Excuse me, do I want what?”  “I make pretty design on nail with sparkle. You will like. It very pretty for you.”  I say no thank you and this time I feel my demeanor is starting to change towards her and all of a sudden I’m feeling frazzled instead on relaxed.  I’m thinking to myself an hour is all I wanted.  Is that too much?  “You want flower on nail instead of sparkle?” “I can do”.   At this point, she is on the last step before applying my polish, so I have roughly 10 minutes left.  As nicely as I can I say, “I’m sure you have a lot of very fine services here, but all I want today is a manicure/pedicure.  If I want anything else, I will definitely let you know.”  I also try to explain that this is where I like to come to get some peace and quiet to myself without my 4 children and she just politely nods her head and says “yes.”

I sit back and all I can think about is I hope I wasn’t too rude because I know she is just trying to make an honest living and she is taught to up sale as many things as she can and I get that.  I know she wasn’t trying to disrupt my “me time” on purpose.  I just think that the owner needs to understand that most of us come in for just that, “me time.”  We want to just sit and relax and not have to think.  If the owners of these salons would realize this, then I think their business would be more prosperous.  If we want the extras we will let you know. 

As I’m leaving, I give her a tip and say “thank you, you did a great job”.  She says, glad you like.  Next time I do pretty designs for you.”  I just look at her and smile a big smile and chuckle all the way to my car.