Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Million and One

AaggggH!!!!  I feel like I have a million and one things to rant about this week!  So, where to start?

Niki, is really good at composing and presenting her rants in such an elequent way.....
Me on the other hand.... your probably just going to get a lot of "bitching"  (sorry, just couldn't think of another word to get my point across)

1) I can not stand it when I'm shopping (and usually I'm on a time schedule) then someone sees someone they know,  hugs and kisses are exchanged and then a LONG important conversation begins.....  I have something to say about this.  I think it is great you've ran into your long lost friend/co-worker from years ago, but MOVE out of my way!  I've got things to buy, things to do, and places to be.  It is like they are oblivious to the world around them.  They forget or just don't care that they are in a supermarket and people are all around them, trying to pass, trying to get the item they are standing in front of....  Please just move with your buggies BEHIND eachother so people around you can pass easily or EXCHANGE numbers and get the hell outta MY WAY!
I've ran into Niki numerous times at Wal-mart and guess what.........  Although we are blonde, we have a system, and a system that works!  We move our buggies, one behind the other, and we usually move to where we are not even in an isle! We can talk for hours and not inconvience ONE PERSON!                 SO THERE!!!!

2) For those who do not know, I work at a dental office.  PEOPLE, please, i beg, PLEASE when you are in the operatory ready to get your filling, rootcanal, crown, cleaning, whatever.........  DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT take off your shoes and then sit in the operatory chair.  Sorry, but that's gross!  Even if your toe nails are polished with cute little designs on them (which most are not...)  Do you realize how nasty the floor is?  Which, on a  side rant, DON'T let your babies and toddlers crawl all around the office.  We clean the floors, but there is no way for us to autoclave (sterilize with a machine) our carpet and hardwoods.  Do you know how much bloodspray has flown around and landed on the floor????  If you've never thought of it, now you know.  It's gross and please don't do it!

Ok, hopefully Niki will be back next week and you guys can have a funny rant to read.  I feel a little stress free....  didn't want to overrant you!

Until next time,

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