Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hmmmm.....   1st let me start off by saying I promise Niki will be back next week.  Lots going on, on her end so I'm filling in.

Now what to rant about?????  OMG!  I can't beilieve I'm having to think.  I know Niki's words would be, "think....  you rant all the time on the phone with me..."

Life has been good these past few weeks.  The only thing that comes to mind is jealousy.  Sorry folks, but I am not a jealous person.  Yeh, I might look at someone getting in their big fancy SUV and think I'd love to have that, but as quick as I shut the door to my Ford Taurus, the thought is gone.   (not sure if i'd consider that jealousy or not)

At any rate.....  It is funny to me, that others let jealousy get to them.  Be happy with who YOU are!  Be happy with what YOU have.  What's being jealous going to do?  It's sure as hell not gonna change anything so why waist your time??  If every single person was driving around in a big fancy SUV, with a perfect body, perfect kids, perfect house, perfect husband............ can you imagine how BORING this world would be?

Makes no sense.

Love to all,

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