Saturday, January 29, 2011

OK, hope I do not offend any one with my vulgar language and if so..........  here's the warning!  LEAVE NOW!

Today when I woke up my little "feminine friend" made her appearance.  OH NO!  So, I search under every bathroom cabinet and NADA!  OK, looks like i'm going to the store.  I do not have time to drive all the way to I drove to the convience store like 1 minute from my house.  I walk in, i'm looking around, proceed to go down every isle, i see cat food, oil, toiletpaper, windex, everything under the sun except what i need.  The gentelman behind the cashier counter ask, "Mam, may i help you find something?"  So, I reply, "why yes, do you have maxi-pads or tampons?"  YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE SHEER LOOK OF HORROR ON HIS FACE as he immediately got defensive and said "OH NO, mam, we do not carry that item here.  You have to go to other store!"    I give him a look of utter DISGUST and walk out. (He's lucky I didn't tell him, "well then fuckin' order some!..... because due to the circumstances, i was NOT in a good mood)

REALLY PEOPLE!  IT IS 2011!  I couldn't have possibly offended you by asking for a maxi pad! 
NEWS FLASH!!!!!! With out periods..... no babies!! 

I was fuming when I left.  Went a few more miles down the road and got what I needed.  I started thinking on my way home how for people ("aka men") to be "scared" or "offended" by a feminine hygiene product is utterly HILARIOUS.  I really wish I would have stopped by the convience store unwrapped a tampon and threw it in the cashier's face.....  shoulda, would've, could've.... oh well!  That would have been really funny!!

Let me tell you something about ME!  I am going to CELEBRATE my woman hood!  Each month that my little feminine friend comes to visit....  I'm CELEBRATING!  #1- it means i'm not pregnant and #2-i get pampered a little extra by my hubby who understands if I am tired and just want to chill on the couch and not cook etc...
And I do not want to hear one comment from a man until YOU have a VAGINA and something comes out of it once a month!

A little pissed but glad it's out in the open~


  1. Dang, what a redneck.....I would have been pissed tooo

  2. LOL! I'm still pissed about it..... but slowly getting overit.